Restaurant " Sabores do Monte"
Sabores do Monte located poolside, offers a unique sight of the ocean, the surrounding nature and the pool.

It's a cozy space, of visible good taste, filled with splendid sunlight, perfectly combines the formal and elegant styles with the rusticity, where the warm shades of the wooden furniture predominate in contrast with the slate floors and the white walls, speckled with some modern strokes. 

Our cuisine estipulated by eating well and serving well, cultivates its artistic inspiration in Alentejo's cuisine and in seabed flavors, creating exceptional textures and sensations to your palate.

Outside, a huge terrace calls for you, to enjoy leisurely a drink near the pool.
                     12:00h to 16:00h, and from 19:00h to 00:00h.
                 Open for lunches and dinners during high season.
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Tamanho da imagem:240x135 pxTamanho da imagem:240x135 pxTamanho da imagem:240x135 px
Vegetable Soup
Fish Soup
Purslane Soup
Sheep's Cheese
Black Pig Ham
Octopus Salad
Whelk Salad
Roe Salad
Cowpeas Salad
Tamanho da imagem:240x135 pxTamanho da imagem:240x135 px Tamanho da imagem:240x135 px

Seafood Rice
Clams with Garlic
Spider Crab


Fried Octopus with Garlic
Fried "Moreia"
Grilled Sardines
Grilled Mackerel
Grilled Bass
Grilled Bream
Grilled Mullets
Grilled Sole
Octopus Rice
Roasted Octopus
Snapper Baked in the Oven
Tamboril Rice
Whelk "Feijoada"
"Massinha de peixe"

Grilled Black Pig Secret
Grilled Black Pig Plumes
Black Pig Alentejo's Way
Loin Baked in the Oven
Calf Baked in the Oven 
Lamb Baked in the Oven 

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Given the infrastructure we have and the exceotional size of the restaurant, we also conduct various events such as: weddings, baptized parties, birthday parties and corporate parties… etc.
Tamanho da imagem: 340x191 px

Feel free to share your idea with us, and we will find a solution.
We treat of the cathering, decoration, entertainment and accomodation.
For further informations,  contact us!

Mapa Local
Conheça o mapa local e a localização do nosso Restaurante "Sabores do Monte".
  Monte Carvalhal da Rocha - Turismo