The Camping "Monte Carvalhal da Rocha" is located in Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and at 500 meters from Carvalhal's beach.

Reach the Mount is to awaken your senses.
Here the magic is not described, it happens.

With the ocean for background, the Park surrounded by an unmistakable landscape, between ledges and slopes, culminates in the throat of the valley, where a small stream adds its waters to those of Carvalhal Beach.
Tamanho da imagem: Perfectly integrated into the landscape and using the most sophisticated means available, where is included an ETA (Water Treatment Plan) and an ETAR (Treatment Station on Sewage), completely ecological, also offers accommodation and services which allow you to enjoy the comfort and peace in one corner of Alentejo, which still retains the charm of an area almost wild.
Tamanho da imagem: Once installed, discover one of the small beaches nestled at the foot of the, find out a colony of gulls or rock pigeons, observe the flight of the stork or of the peregrine falcon, walk or bike the small tracks along the coast and  and let yourself be intoxicated by the fragrance of cistus, pines, honeysuckle, rosemary the sea breeze.
Tamanho da imagem:
And by the end of the afternoon, after an invigorating bath at the beach or in our spa, enjoy an amazing sunset, tasting one of our delicacies. 
Finally, fall asleep hearing the waves, the hiss of the wind, the croaking of frogs or the song of the crickets.
The stars are your limit.
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